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Taktika Padel, in conjunction with the San Diego Stingrays, is thrilled to announce the appointment

Taktika Padel, in conjunction with the San Diego Stingrays, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Ryan Redondo as Chief Executive Officer. As the proprietors of the largest Padel clubs in the United States, Taktika Padel is renowned for constructing, managing, and operating comprehensive programs, lessons, leagues, and tournaments across the state. The San Diego Stingrays, a professional franchise, competes prominently in the Pro Padel League.

In his new role, Redondo will join Taktika sports director, Armando Rodiel in expanding Padel across the United States and installing 200 Padel courts on the west coast in its first stage. Redondo will provide strategic leadership for both the company and the team, overseeing operations, cultivating executive partnerships, and spearheading the installation of Padel courts throughout California and the broader United States.

A significant part of Redondo's mandate will involve enhancing the presence of Padel in Los Angeles, specifically at the iconic Galaxy Park location associated with LA Galaxy and Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. This will be complemented by managing the 7-court Padel facility at the Barnes Tennis Center. Redondo will also oversee the overall operations and management of the Stingrays.

"We are delighted to welcome Ryan as the new CEO of Taktika Padel and the San Diego Stingrays," says Gabriel Perez Krieb, co-owner and chairman of the company. "Our commitment to promoting Padel in the United States is unwavering. We're eager to commence our ambitious plan to install over 200 Padel courts across California. With over 25 million global participants, Padel's popularity is surging, and we anticipate a similar boom here in the US. We aim to be the catalyst for that growth."

He further adds, "Throughout his career, Ryan has demonstrated his prowess in constructing state-of-the-art facilities, fostering vibrant communities, and attracting premier-level events. This aligns perfectly with our vision."

Taktika Padel has a rich history of hosting numerous United States Padel Association Championships at their San Diego and Carson facilities. Recently, they've ventured into the Pickleball arena and will include tennis programs, reinforcing their position as leaders in racquet sports clubs.

"I'm incredibly excited to join this passionate ownership group that is committed to bringing the sport of Padel to California and the United States," Redondo states. "Padel fosters inclusivity, diversity, and provides significant social, physical, and mental benefits. I believe in the transformative potential of building courts, establishing a junior development pathway, and exposing our society to this rapidly growing global sport. Padel's potential inclusion in the Olympics underscores the need to install courts and programs that allow individuals of all ages to train and potentially represent the United States professionally, including as part of our own Stingrays and the Pro Padel League."
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