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Draft Results

An exciting draft day has concluded and here are the picks for each team.

Las Vegas

Sergio Icardo Alconsa from Spain Javier Lopez Garcia from Dubai Alfredo Desiati from USA Sebastian Castaneda from USA Tia Norton from UK Aranzazu Gallardo from Mexico Mariana Talarico from USA Jen Buckley from USA


Jose Grizpe from USA Simon Charaf Jones from Mexico Mateo Coles from USA Luis Fernando Ramirez Aristeguiela from USA Paloma Cortina from USA Brittney Dubins from USA Maria Fernanda Espinosa from Mexico Anna Larionova from USA


Manual Jose Fernandez Dias from Spain Francisco Riveroll from USA Joao Graca from USA Gabriel Arraiz from USA Rosalie Vanderhoek from Netherlands Carla Romagosa from USA Ana Belem Fernandez from Mexico Patricia Garcia Caldedero from Spain


Nicolas Xiviller from USA Mariano Cabrera from USA Fausto Baraldi from USA Niko Kedzo from USA Andrea Samson from USA Daniela Ruiz Alvarez from USA Lucy Marshall from USA Maria Magraner from USA

San Diego

Jacobo Blanco De Miguel from USA William Agritelly from USA Raleigh Smith from USA Elliot Carnello from USA Riva Mackie from USA Nancy Dingwall from USA Marta Morge Alonso from USA Veronica Liz Costabel from USA


Nico Agritelley from USA Pedro Alonso Martinez from USA Carlos Luna from Ecuador Tom Trinh from USA Egle Petrauskaite from USA Astrid Gehre from USA Irene Cavero Dominguez from Spain Belen Salcedo from USA

Los Angeles

Luis Estrada from USA Alejandro Alcaraz Gonzalez from Mexico Nicolas Palmeque from USA Nicolas Clerc from USA Jordana Lujan from USA Maria Paulina Gamboa Yenez from Mexico Clementina Riobuena from USA Erin Roberts from Canada

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